English (UK)Čeština

To all children provide since coming to evoke peace and tranquility. Give the maximum of their needs and develop their knowledge and skills

Personal, social and Emotional development:

  • Developing dispositions and attitudes
  • Building self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Making relationships
  • Understanding behavior and practicing self-control¨
  • Fostering self-care
  • Gaining a sense of community

Communication, language and literacy:

  • Learning language for communication
  • Developing language for thinking
  • Linking sounds and letters
  • Beginning reading
  • Beginning writing
  • Handwriting preparation (through drawing and pencil skills)

Mathematical development:

  • Understanding numbers as labels and for counting
  • Developing calculation skills
  • Investigating shape, space and measurement

Knowledge and understanding of the world:

  • Exploration and investigation
  • Designing and making skills
  • Information and communication technology
  • A sense of time
  • A sense of place
  • Cultures and beliefs

Physical development:

  • Movement
  • A sense of space
  • Health and bodily awareness
  • Using equipment
  • Using tools and materials

Creative development:

  • Exploring media and materials
  • Music
  • Imagination